IME first opened its doors in 1987 and is Utah’s oldest and most experienced climbing store. Our experienced staff has helped outfit climbers from the ranges of the Himalayas, Alaska, South America and Africa to the big walls of Yosemite and Zion. We also provide all you could need for a day out to the local crag or bouldering at the gym.

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Belay Specs now avalible.

Stop belay neck and only $80!

Why you should get them now.

Reduced Time with Head Bent Back: Since Belay Specs bend the incoming light, the belayer doesn’t have to bend their neck to keep an eye on the climber. Anyone who has belayed for a time knows how quickly the looking up position becomes uncomfortable.

More Attentive Belaying: Not have to bend your neck to see up means the belayer can comfortably keep a close eye on their partner. The belayer will be more likely to see a foot behind the rope, notice a back clip, realize their climber is looking shakey or remember the sequence through a cruxy bit.

Rock Fall and Debris: A more attentive belayer is also more likely to see things that can hurt them, namely falling rock, and be able to avoid them. An unexpected benefit of belay glasses is that you’re less likely to get sand or debris in your eye because you’re eyes aren’t facing up.

Better Belaying Position: Since looking up is comfortable, the belayer isn’t tempted to step back from the wall risking a longer leader fall and having the belayer getting sucked into the wall.



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